The Russsian Revolution

By: Hanna Corcoran

what was the cause of the russian revolution in 1905?

A main cause of the Russian revolution was their humiliating defeat by the Japanese. This was an immediate cause because it began in 1904 and ended in 1907. After they created banquets. These banquets lead to the horrific events on January 9,1905 ,or Bloody Sunday.

This event caused outrage though out the country. People went on strike and lead attacks. Workers, students, peasents, and even the middle class participated in these riots. this lead to the down fall of the society.

The government tried to fix the problem. they pulled a good cop bad cop. this only cause the spread of the problem. Czar Nicholas trying to save his regime issued the October manifesto. this only heighted the problem. this cause the other revolutions to occur.

How did the various social, political, and economic groups view the Russian Revolution?

By 1905 the Russian society had not overcome there defeat from japan. The society then after all the strikes and riot lost all structure. The society didn't stable its self until the ending of the revolution in 1907.

Also the economy had issues during these revolution. The Russians had a hard time adjusting to a wartime economy. The people faced starvation. this caused the protests in 1905.

In Russian revolutions had roots in the political stand point. Under czar Nicholas's rule the revolution occurred. He feared take over. After Rasputin left his only heir was in grave danger. Czar Nicholas left power due to his loss of control over his armies. him and his family was assassinated on the night of July 16-17 in 1918.

To what extent was World War I a cause of the March and October Revolutions?

World war one was a huge factor in the revolutions in Russia. With the solider fight in the war the needed supplies. Everyone gave there share. The people staved and this cause them to get irritable and to want to start a war. The war also set up perfect conditions to start a war.

The country was weak and vulnerable. This made it an ideal time to revolt. Also with the death on Rasputin the Czar was sadden and he too was weak and easy to control. if it wasn't for world war one the Russian revolutions probably wouldn't have happened or would have had more troubles.

What roles did Trotsky, Lenin, and Kerensky play in the Bolshevik takeover?

Trotsky, Lenin, and Kerensky played a big part for the Bolshevik revolutions. Trotsky was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein in 1879 in Yanovka, the Ukraine. In 1917 he joined Bolsheviks and led the October Revolution. Trotsky was ruthlessly favored the strict rule in the military. After Joseph Stalin came to power Trotsky fell. He was assassinated in 1940 in Mexico city.

Lenin was also a influential figure in the Russian revolution. he made the slogan "Peace, land, and bread". He seized power of the Petrograd with the assistance of Trotsky. After the Bolsheviks took power he consolidated the authority of his government. He died in 1924.

Lastly Kerensky was a key person in these revolutions. He was a member of the Russian duma. In 1917 when the czar was overthrown he took office. His government fell into Bolshevik coup. This is when Kerensky fled to the United States.