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Summer Edition: June 2016

Summer update

I hope you are having an amazing summer!

We are finalizing the hiring process and I look forward to sharing the great colleagues that will be joining you soon!

We are working on a summer outing for staff! Be on the lookout for more information soon.

Fourth grade teachers, except for Deb and Christa/Sarah will be moving out to the cottages! We are expecting a quad to arrive in the coming months to accommodate many of our 4th grade classrooms. Currently Discovery ( specials for K) will be on a cart. Numbers are at 745 at this time. Remember we are slated for 756. We need more 3rd graders so if you find any, send them our way!!!

Currently the only room in the building that will be open will be the LGI room. That will be the first room used if we add a section! If we add two sections, I guess we will move to the roof!

Enjoy the summer everyone!

- CT

Trusting our learners- Must Read!!!

As we move into the summer, it gives us time to reflect on the year and how much we gave up control and allowed our learners to flourish! From students organizing and instigating new play ground equipment, to students building geocities and birdhouses, and to student making maps and resources for people who visits GES that growth and student ownership was amazing to see.

Below is a great article from Tolerance magazine. This is a great magazine on instruction and diversity. This weeks article is on starting the year with nothing!

Health Insurance Reminders

For those of you enrolled in our group health plan with Anthem, we highly recommend that you and your spouse (only if spouse is covered under your health insurance) get a physical between August 1, 2015 and July 31, 2016. A physical is not needed for children covered under your plan (no matter their age).

Physicals are at no cost to you if you use the HSE Health Care Center. Appointments fill fast. Do not wait until the last minute. Schedule a time slot as soon as possible (to help you remember to have a physical we recommend having it done during your birthday month every year). If you go outside of the HSE Health Care Center, please take the attached form with you so that your physician can sign and fax back to us.

If you and/or your spouse (must be on your health plan) do not have the physical between August 1, 2015 and July 31, 2016, you will each be charged an extra $100 a month more for your health insurance starting the 2016-17 school year.

Another challenging article to reflect on this summer. Remember, when you read articles take time to reflect and let it challenge your thinking. Push back and have dialogue with others to think through what it is saying!

These articles push my thinking as well! Click on title below and happy growing and thinking!

Summer Training Opportunities

Ipadapalooze is next week on Monday and Tuesday! Hope to see many of you there!

Would you like to observe intense remediation...

IREAD is hosted at SCE from 8:30-11:30 from June 6-July 1 and will be open for observations from 6/13-6/24. This is a great chance for teachers to see remediation experts in action. Our teachers use best practices to support real reading and rich guided reading conversations. If you have teachers that would like to come by for a visit please have them email Andrew Foreman.

Summer training opportunities- WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS MAC BOOK- ahhhh

Summer HSE Conference- July 19th and 20th

GES- Located on 104th Street in Fishers, IN

GES: Making GREAT CHOICES, showing EFFORT and demonstrating SAFETY!