Josh Syre - Pd. 5 - ESS

Hong Kong to Dallas

Born in Hong Kong: lived there for the first three years of my life. Moved straight to Dallas Texas because my Dad's work transferred him from The Regent to The Four Seasons Resort & Club in Las Colinas.



  • Executive Chef at Four Seasons
  • Full German, worked in the family restaurant (Wiesbaden) until the age of 17 where he travelled around Europe and ultimately Hong Kong


  • Born in the Philippines, studied literal arts in college and then pursued culinary education thereafter because of different interests, which led to her moving to Hong Kong.


  • Born in Dallas in 2004
  • Going into the fourth grade
  • "Wants to be an architect when he grows up"

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Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Played tennis since the age of 6, been on and off. School tennis for three years but now play outside of school once in a while.
  • Played the piano since the age of 8, took lessons ever since. Learning to play the guitar on my own currently.
  • Listening to music, Netflix, traveling are my favorite things to do.

Places I've visited

Some parts of Europe, some states in the U.S., some Asian countries including the Philippines.