UAMS Remote Learning Updates

April 5, 2020

Message from the Principal

Well, you all made it through your first three days of remote learning. Congratulations!!

I am very proud of how we have come together as a school to make this possible. While I would absolutely prefer to be at school to see each one of you every day I am happy with how you have handled this process.

I wanted to clarify some expectations with all of you. Your teachers are working very, very hard at preparing your lessons in order to continue to educate each of you. Please do the same for them. Please do the work and do it to the best of your ability. We have not yet decided as to how we will be assigning grades. I am certain however that if you don't do the work you will not get the credit.

Learning is not about is about self-improvement! Think about all of the things that you have learned in your life and were never graded on. Did you learn to ride a bike or learn to swim? Were you graded? So if you find yourself asking "Why do I need to do this?" think about these words and hopefully you will see my point.

I hope you all have a great week and we look forward to hearing from you on Monday!

Shane Brewer

UAMS Principal

Are you in need?

We know this is a very stressful time for all of us, some more than others. If you are having troubles and need assistance of any kind, please don't hesitate to reach out to the school to see if we can connect you with that resource. We are all in this together, Canner Strong!
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We are more than certain that a number of you are feeling extremely overwhelmed with the amount of emails you get in one day. In order to help you keep organized, here are some good tips for organizing your inbox that was shared with our faculty by Mrs. Leigh Smith, teacher in the High School. It gives a nice overview of how to navigate gmail and keep it organized. Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you are feeling out of control with your email organization!
Organizing Your Gmail Inbox
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Zoom Schedules (will update as needed)

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**All Zooms are being prerecorded and available to view at your request!**

Message from your 8th grade ELA teachers

Hello Parents/Guardians!

We wanted to reach out to you all as we wrap up our first week of remote learning. We hope this email will help you to best support your child during this transitional time.

If you have not done so already, please sign up for Remind 101 text notifications. You may do that by texting @b4be63h to 81010.

All communication to your child about classwork will occur through their school email or on Google Classroom. You may sign up as a guardian of their class to check in on their work. You can do this through your child’s Google Classroom account. We can add you as a guardian as well, by simply replying to this email with the name and email address you’d like to connect to your child’s class.

We will also have weekly Zoom meetings on Thursdays. Your student will get an invite through their Google Classroom.

Please help support your child and encourage them to turn in work. Together, we can help make this as successful as possible during this difficult time.

Best wishes,

Kirstie Smith & Shana Hallinan

8th Grade English Language Arts

Annual FFA Plant Sale Cancelled

As spring is fast approaching, 3 weeks early, and easter is just around the corner, our annual plant sale is not going to happen as we start selling around May 1. However, I have been in constant contact with Amy at Musselmans and they are open for business, have delivery and or curbside pick up and are running quite a lot of specials! As always, thanks for your support and keep us in mind for next year!

Michelle Miller

Counselor's Corner

Using School Counseling Services During the Shut Down

Please know that you can still contact me for help and concerns just as you would during a normal day. I have made things a little more efficient for you to stay in contact with me. I encourage students, parents, and teachers to gmail me directly if you have any questions, concerns, etc. Students can also fill out my virtual check-in form entitled that form entitled "Checking in with Ms. Jenkins" found in your google forms.

Also, I will be setting up zoom sessions to check in with students who need a one on one check in. You can indicate you would like one of these session by checking "yes" on the question at the end of the form, or just email me. I will send out more details and will get you scheduled with an appointment. Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

In addition to my services, our SAP counselor is also offering tele-therapy sessions, so feel free to refer anyone you think might be having some issues. Our SAP team will be meeting throughout this time so we can continue on as needed! Keep in mind that some of my go-to resources are also shut down at this time, but emergency services will always be the fall back.

Finally, if anyone is experiencing any difficulties and needs to connect with someone right away, I encourage you to visit This site offers voice and text chats available 24/7 for those who are feeling down. It does NOT have to just be suicidal thoughts. Services like this exist for a reason, and times like this are reason to affect our mental health negatively. Hang in there, and know you are supported!

Skills for Adolescence

I will post daily updates on my stream in google classroom. We will be getting back into our career lessons, and I have some new and exciting things for you to try out for me! Please check the class daily to make sure you are all caught up. I am taking work at any time - there really is not "due" date. Also, I have settled on Fridays at 2:30pm for a Zoom class. This is optional, but I would love to see you all! I will send out the calendar invite later in the week.

Have a fantastic week!

Ms. Jenkins