The 13th colony in the New World

The Founders and Why Georgia was Founded

Georgia is named after our King George II who knows that you would rather come to our colony because it's new and improved. Come to the newest colony because we know what we're doing and we didn't have to go through hardships. A highlight of our colony is that we were first made to be a place of refuge for poor debtors.


Our colony is a great place for settlers because we have religious freedom and cheap land. We have a wide variety of settlers from many places such as France, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria.
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Climate and Geography

Here we have short and mild winters unlike the English winters so, this is an ideal place for farmers to plant crops and to raise cattle. The weather is cooler and our "back country" has beautiful mountains and forest areas which you can enjoy.


We have many cash crops such as cotton, indigo, tobacco, and rice, which you can earn a profit off of. You can make great trades with people like shoemakers, brick-makers, tailors, blacksmiths, silversmiths, and pottery makers.