The Archambeau Articles

October 2, 2015

Important Dates


8th - Martin Book Swap

8th - Midterms Sent Home (Date Changed by District)

9th - No School (Institute Day)
12th - No School (Columbus Day)

21st - Fundraiser Pick-Up

22nd - Martin Book Swap

28th - Field Trip to Challenger


6th - Picture Retake Day

Changes for October

Since next week consists of only 4 school days, I wanted to share some changes to our regular schedule:
- Spelling, Root, and Reading tests will be taken on Thursday Oct. 8th.

- Math Contracts will also be due on Thursday Oct. 8th.

The following 2 weeks (Oct. 12 - 23) are a review of Reading Street Unit 1.

- We will not be taking a reading or a root word test on Oct. 16th.

- We will not have a spelling test for either week.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rent is Due

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

On Thursday, I decided to charge students rent for classroom items. As a result they owe me $6,450.95. Not bad for a day's work. ;) Your students are all set to explain. Thanks!

Sincerely (and thanks to your children Bahamas bound),

Mrs. Archambeau

Our Week in Review by Student Journalist - Jake

This week was very fun, just like any other week. On Monday, we all got to school and said good morning to Mrs. Archambeau. Then we started morning work. We took out our literacy binders and Chromebooks and did our fluency for 1 minutes and then our vocabulary googledoc. Last but not least, we read our small group books.

In Science we learned about the Solar System. We watched a funny video for about 15-20 minutes before Mrs. Archambeau turned on our lunch music and we took off and went to recess. We spent 15 minutes outside then we went inside to eat lunch.

When we got back to the classroom we started math. We learned about expanded notation. After math we went to the library and checked out books. Everybody read their books for 5 minutes before we went straight to PE. In PE, we did fittness and cup stacking. After that, we went back to our classroom and read Harry Potter. And that was the end of the day for all of us.

The rest of the week we learned more about the solar system, practiced cursive, and read about Robeto Clemente & Satchel Paige. In Art we worked on semetry and asemetry. In music we sang the Presidents song to Yankee Doodle.

Martin Book Swap

Each month Martin will host a Book Swap in the Husky Den. There is a bulletin board outside of the Husky Den which will feature a genre/author of the month. Students may bring in one or two books, in good condition, to swap out. Students will earn Husky Bucks for participating in the Book Swap!

The Husky Den will be open for the Book Swap from
8:00-9:00 a.m. on the following dates:

October 8th & 22nd

November 5th & 19th

December 3rd & 17th

January 14th & 28th

February 11th & 25th

March 10th &24th

April 7th & 21st

May 5th & 19th

Trimester One – The Archies Golden Ticket Count

Earned this week: 4

Total for Trimester One: 24

Trimester Goal: 25