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Principal Message

Do our Scholars know YOUR goals for them?

Do you have daily goals for your class? How do our scholars know what they are?

Do you have unit goals for your class? How does the class know what they are?

How do you provide feedback to our scholars, regarding the daily/unit goals?

I wonder if OUR Scholars knew YOUR goals for each of them, how they would respond?

In this world of digital media, how do you correlate and make your goals relevant to our Scholars

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Hispanic Heritage Month

How are YOU honoring Hispanic Heritage Month in your space?

Schedule of the Week


  • A Day
  • Foundations of Design classes to PCC Skill Center (TEB) during class


  • B day
  • Staff Meeting B27 (info below)
  • Foundations of Design classes to PCC Skill Center (TEB) during class


  • A Day
  • Lock Down Drill 12:50pm (information coming soon)


  • B Day


  • PD No School for Students (info below)

Teacher Hack

Goals! How to set Classroom Goals!

Staff Meeting Agenda

This week we will cover the following:

  • Evaluation Process & Timeline
  • Completion of Student Learning Goals- connected to our SCIP
  • Department Goals- connected to our SCIP
  • Completion of Professional Goal

Teacher Goal Setting Form

This form is a Template. Please DO NOT TYPE. This is just for you to review the Goals form we will be working in, during the staff meeting.

Staff Meetings (Prior email)

It is a REQUIREMENT you arrange an absent with your Department Administrator PRIOR to your absence. Staff meetings are requirements with all Staff. If you have questions please reach out to your Department Admin.

The following are Admin Departments:

K. Love:

  • SS
  • World Lang.
  • ELD
  • ELA

G. Gregory:

  • MA
  • SCI
  • Middle College/PCC/CTE(not required)

D. Shelton:

  • F/Arts
  • P/Arts
  • Music
  • H/PE
  • SPED
  • Dean
  • Athletics
  • Community Partners(not required)
  • Classified (not required)
  • CSA (not required)

PLEASE- PRINT, COPY, POST- Thanks, Mr. Warren!


Please review the information in the link below.

Our Scholars should be TIRED of reviewing this information! The more WE can review this information with our scholars the sooner we can have a collective efficacy in our school community


  • Late (L) : To be used when a student arrives within the first 22 minutes of class on A/B days and within the first 10 minutes of class on all 8 days.

  • Late After Tardy (LAT) : To be used when a student arrives 23 minutes or more late on A/B days and 11 minutes or more late on all 8 days

  • Absent (A) : To be used when a student doesn't show to class. If a student shows up to the last 8 minutes of class, this should be logged as LAT, not absent.

  • Cutting (CUT) : This code should be used anytime the student leaves class without a pass. If the student is given a pass and leaves for an extended period of time that doesn’t align with their pass (long bathroom breaks) , the attendance should be updated to CUT.

Front Office Announcements


Lopez was able to pick up chromebook chargers and 55 additional chromebooks on Friday afternoon. We are expecting additional chromebooks soon.

IF YOUR STUDENT NEEDS a CB or CHARGER: Please dial zero and let us know if you are sending a student down for a CB. Please do not send them down without calling. Chargers–if there are multiple students who need chargers, please send one student with a pass and a list of names of students who need them. We give the chargers to the student to take back to class and make a copy of your list.

We know we are still in need of more:

  • HotSpots
  • Teacher Chrome-Carts
  • Pixel Computers

Mr. Lopez will continue to send updates once he has information regarding the needed items above!


All sub plans (including emergency plans) should include:

  • Classroom procedures including Hall Pass information, SEI protocol, Attendance information

  • Student Preferred names

  • Plans/back-up plans (building on a unit or skills for a formative assessment)

All jobs in Frontline should include link or attachment to your plans set to public

You should have copies of your class lists/paper attendance in your classroom in case of emergency drills


If you would like to use a room specific, labeled, large object as a hall pass for BATHROOMS OR DRINKING FOUNTAINS (a decoupage clipboard, an objet d’art with your room number on it), please do so. Orange passes with your timestamp and signature would still be used for passes for places like the office, nurse, counseling, etc.

  • If deciding to use your own creation, please send email of the picture of the pass to the following:

    • CSA-Montral Brazile

    • Dean- Jayme Causey

    • Office Support- Melissa Frantz, Judy Brown, Michael Sanchez, Jennifer Greensted


      A few of you have expressed interest in using Quizlet for the year - please reach out to our bookkeeper at if you'd like to have access for the 2022-23 school year.

      As well, some of you used Kahoot! last school year. If you're interested in having access again this year, send an email to

Rolling White Boards/Big Post-Its

We have finally gotten a FEW of the Rolling White Boards and Big Post-It "White-Boards" for your spaces.

Mr. Lopez (Bookkeeper) will be in-charge of assigning these. Please send Micheal Lopez an email letting him know you are in need of ONE of these items.

Demo Love

Please show some Demo Love and appreciation with a “thank you” or “good job” when you see the following staff members for demonstrating teamwork:

  • Coach Karry Cameron for supporting the Health/PE substitute and for assisting students to get to classes in the hallways

  • Joe Ballman for assisting students to get to classes in the hallways

  • Andrew Kulak for assisting in students to get to classes in the hallways

  • Mr. Allen Van De Water (Special Ed.) and Dustin Pollack (Math) for standing outside their rooms every day to welcome students to the classroom.

  • Campus Safety Agents- Montreal Brazile and Carmen

  • Brittany Warren for assisting students to their classes in the first week

  • Steve Gonzales and Bunky Holden-Williams for the Dancers performance at Back to school night

We appreciate everyone on staff for your hard work and dedication. We will continue to highlight individual staff members weekly for the “heart-work” you do for our community!!!

Demos I Say!!!!!

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Athletic Updates