Cell Phone Use In Classrooms.

The big disruption cellphone use has on students


Students cheat using their Cellphones, and teachers taking their phones will only make the students angry and cause a big disruption to the whole class. Thirty-five percent of students admit to using a cell phone to cheat in class. teen VOGUE reports. The 35 % of students that use their phone in their class use it to take pictures of keys and other work to cheat. Some of you may say "The competition at our school is what leads people to cheat”. Cheating has gotten so out of hand and the only way to kill it down is eliminate cellphone use period. A big factor in this debate is that we have gone hundreds of years without cellphones on school systems why do we need them now. You may say its quicker access to the internet but that’s not going to stop kids from texting being on twitter and it will still give the students easier access to cheat.


“Tweeting has driven kids to the point of being completely unaware of what’s going on in the class”. With the great access of cellphones. students are to busy tweeting and having there nose in a phone all day. Then knowing what going on in class. Social media has gotten so poular that kids can not go one day with out. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Vine, and YouTube ect…..


500 schools around the United States have begun to switch back to paper because their students have slowly but surely started failing. “We have had enough of this technology, it’s a great thing but it gets annoying this just gose to show that schools are takeing action and getting rid of all technology completely because they saw that there students were not paying attion in class and on there cell phones or laptops way too much, and started to fail school. This is really good news because it shows that a lot of schools care about this situation