Mobile Apps for a Div 3. Classroom

Helpful apps for teachers

I have explored some "apps" that I feel would be useful for a Division 3 teacher.. Learn about these apps and their functions below!

Khan Academy App

Khan academy is a website that offers tutorials and lessons on a wide plethora of subjects. This series of videos goes through concepts from a Jr. High level up to university studies, you can find out more about the program here.

The app feature allows the user for easy access to the website and a quick search to the concepts they are hoping to learn. This would be very helpful to have in the classroom because a teacher could introduce their students to it and use it as support for homework.

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Schoology App

This application allows a teacher to create a Learning Management System (LMS) or class website. This app is relatively user friendly and makes it easy for a teacher to share things with their students through the app. One drawback could be that students must also download the app in order to access classroom content.
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ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard App

This app allows the user to create presentations on an interactive whiteboard, however it enhances the technology by creating the ability to create voiceovers on your presentation. This would be extremely helpful for students as you could create presentations and post them for students to access anytime. This would be extremely more effective than just posting notes online. I have provided a video review for this app below:
iPadagogy - App Review - ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard Tutorial

Classkick App

Using the Classkick app teachers can create assignments or other assessment on the app where students can work through and be provided with instant feedback. I think these tools would be very effective for something like pre-exam review questions/quizzes. Again, a drawback would be a student must have the app downloaded in order to be used.
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TeacherKit App

This app is more centred around classroom management rather than practical use for students. It could be helpful for students as it allows teachers to manage grade books, seating arrangements, lesson plans, and other classroom organization tools. I think it could be helpful to a new (or experienced) teacher by keeping important factors in the same place.
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