The Sun

By: Misuni Khamankar

The Sun

The Earths natural source of light! The Sun is a great big star that lays in the center of our galaxy! Scroll down to read more amazing things about the Sun!

Physical Features

Some Physical Features-

1. The Sun is a big ball of gas that gives out extreme amounts of power.

2. Flares are like big flares of fire that contains much, much heat.

3. The Sun's temperature can grow up too more than 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.

Physical Features

4. Sunspots are like black spots on the sun when you look at it in a picture. Really they are humongous holes in the sun in which things fall in.

5. Sunspots are created by the biggest sun flares you could imagine. Some explode so much that they are able to reach a little to the Earth within just three days.

Location of the Sun

The Orion Arm. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is in the shape of a "spiral" galaxy. Our galaxy seems to have six arm because two arms have recently gone missing. Scientists are still gathering information but let's talk more about the Orion Arm.

Location of the Sun

Our home planet is in the Orion Arm. So is the sun. Our galaxy is filled with stars but when you look at the sun from a picture of our galaxy, it looks like any other star in our galaxy!

The Movement of the Sun

It takes 24 hours for the Sun to move across the sky completely.

It takes the Earth approximately 365 days to go all the way around the Sun.

Many years ago, before they had clocks or calendars, they would use Sun Dials. Sun Dials dials that can tell the date or time of the day by using the suns natural light!


How will the Sun die?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are the closest planets too the Sun. Billions of years from now, the Sun will gradually become larger and larger. Many scientists have already noticed much growth in the Sun.

How will the Sun Die?

While the sun becomes larger, it will take in Mercury through Mars and then let out layers of gas till the Sun blows up. Then a new star, the Dwarf Sun, will be in the middle as a new start of a new Sun!

Northern and Southern Lights

These lights are very spectacular! They show in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. These are cause by enormous flares that shoot at our planet Earth. The Lights are lights of strong and very powerful electricity.

Northern and Southern Lights

When you see these they could be bright green, bright blue, bright purple, and many more bright colors. Also if you go to see them, the lights make strange noises! But, they are very spectacular!

What would life be like withouth the Sun?

What if you we're playing outside, chatting with friends, or swimming, and all of a sudden the Sun disappears? Then everything just turns to dark. Turns out after a few years of no sunlight, that means no photosynthesis for you vegetarians, and no more pool time for you teenage girls that love to sit there in the sun and get a tan. We would never have any sunlight! No more warmth in our days!

What Would Life be like Without the Sun?

We could survive, just some might freeze to death. Once the Sun is gone, whatever direction we are in, we will go straight that way. We would be like a planet spaceship! All of us traveling to many strange places. But, at one point, we will all die from from no power and not much food because most of our animals need grass to live! And without the Sun, we would all be in a planet bundle of frostiness. Also, Superman won't be able to survive because he won't be able to gain any power for his "super powers" from the Sun.