Divergent Reflection

Author: Veronica Roth

Main Conflict

The main conflict in this book, Divergent, by Veronic Roth is that after the main character, Beatrice, take the test to figure out what faction she is. After she comes back incocclusive that is when she pretends to be Dauntless faction.

Sentence From the Book

"I shift my hand forward, my blood sizzles of the coals. I am selfish I am brave."

Beatrice is at the choosing ceramony choosing her new faction. before this she was abnegation, selfless, she cooses dauntless. This means she has to leave her family and she has turned aginst her own faction.

This makes the tone/ mood shocking, nobody was expecting that.

Main Character

The main character changes ALOT in this story. First, when she starts out abnegition, she is selfless and genouous after she changes factions she is becoming her own person. The main character also becomes tough and starts braking the rules from her old faction.

Divergent Movie Trailer

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