Wind Power

Elijah Holland

Where does my energy source come from

Wind comes from uneven heating from the earth's surface by the sun.

what equipment is needed to collect your source

Wind Turbines

how does your energy source harm the enviroment

they sometimes create noise disturbance and cannot be used in residential areas yes it harms the environment

what are 3 positive things about using your energy source.

it reduces our alliance of transporting gas and oil,a single windmill can power the crop irrigation,family needs

what are 3 negative things about using your energy source

makes noise, can damage things if wind speed is high,wind turbines have its own impact on wildlife.

where is the country located?

United Kingdom

what is the weather like in this country

sometimes rainy and cold

what water sources are near this country

lake awe,lake tay and lake shin

what is the population of this country

the population is 64.1 million people


I think the United Kingdom should use wind power because it would produce more energy.

Within the United Kingdom wind power is the largest renewable source.

A small increase in the cost of electricity is likely to result in a reduced need for conventional capacity.You would have more energy.Think about it if you have more wind the more power you get for your country.

united kingdom

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