Weekly Update

May 20, 2013 through May 24, 2013

Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten Update

This week in Kindergarten, the students hit the ground running. They began the week by writing about their summer vacation. It is going to be "bright" for everyone! In math, we started a new unit and it's focus is graphing. We will be doing some fun graphing with cereal and other yummy manipulatives. We have been combining science and writing. The students are creating new strategies for writing about non-fiction topics. They are also starting to think about being a reader while they are writing. This is helping them focus on their audience and what they truly want to say in their writing piece. The students are also reading many non-fiction books in Social Studies. We are focusing on American heros like Besty Ross and many astronauts.

Housekeeping :)

No homework!! I really want the students to enjoy their last couple of weeks in Kindergarten and to not feel any pressure to complete homework tasks. I will possibly assign a writing assignment for next week.

We are going to "retire" the agendas. Please assume that if I have not contacted you about your child's behavior, that they were on green. Also, please continue to look in the green folder for check marks. This will be their form of behavior management in future grades.

No school next Monday. Happy Memorial Day!!