Bulldog Bulletin

Next week will be the best week yet at "The Park!"

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Week In Review

It was another great week thanks to you and your hard work! Events to celebrate from the week:

*PD Day on Monday was filled with TELPAS Rubric Ideas, Team Building, Kindle Training and Phonics Workshop
* A great field trip for our 5th graders to DESA
* Kindle App Training
* A fantastic Friendsgiving with salads and our school family


- If you keep students after school, make sure that you let the parents and an admin know.

Upcoming Events

This Week

Tuesday-Coffee with the Principaws @7:30am, Learning Walks

Wednesday- College Day

Thursday- Mandatory Kindle training 4-6 in Learning Academy

Friday- Bow Wow Pow Wow

November 17- Learning Walk

We have sent the schedule out. We will enjoy a day of great discussion about our campus strengths and areas of opportunity. Remember if you weren't chosen this time, you will be next time. Bulldogs in collaboration!

November 18- College Day

We are asking that each class have a speaker to come in and speak about their college. They can be a friend, family or community member. We want them to wear a college shirt, do a virtual tour with students, teach a college chant and then have students do a group project. This could be a banner, a video of them doing the chant, etc... Please let Sonia Perez (counselor) know if you have any questions or are ready to submit your person!

Bulldog Teacher of the Week- Octavio Gutierrez

Mr. Gutierrez exemplifies dedication. His classroom routinely engages in hands on activities, his word walls are on point and he keeps the rigor at the highest levels. Mr. Gutierrez also co-coaches our award winning robotics team and leads the LPAC team. We are lucky to have Mr. Gutierrez!
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