Duncan Murdered!

Who did it?

All we know:

Our beloved King Duncan was murdered in a brutal manner last night. The killer is still out on the loose! No one saw who killed Duncan. Many citizens are confounded with the situation. Who would do such a terrible thing? King Duncan was last seen at the castle of Inverness, Macbeth's residence. He had attended a party, celebrating the recent victory. He was seen walking to his quarters, escorted by his two body guards. They were the last to see him alive, that we know of. Macduff came the morning after to awaken the king. He found the body, brutally stabbed. Everyone was shocked. Macbeth killed the two body guards who lay outside Duncan's room. They both had bloody daggers on them. Macduff quickly informed Duncan's boys, Malcom and Donalbain. The household went to the scene of the attack and couldn't believe what had happened. There he laid lifeless in a pool of blood. Malcom fled to England, while Donalbain fled to Ireland. This looks pretty suspicious, considering their father was just murdered. Who is the murderer?

Our beloved king


King Duncan was 56 years old when he passed. He was born in Scotland in 984. He leaves behind his two sons, Malcom and Donalbain. The burial arrangements are being made by his sons. He served Scotland for more than 40 years. Duncan was a great man, and an even better king. He will be missed dearly.

King Duncan

May he rest in peace.