Emmett Kelly

who was

My person was Emmett Leo Kelly. He was born 1898, December 9. He had a father named Thomas Kelly. He actually grew up in a house owned by the Pacific in Sedan, Kansas. Emmett was 19 when he left his family farm, to move to Kansas. In 1923 he got married to Eva Moore. Soon later they got divorced. Then he also got married to Elvia. They had a son named Emmett Kelly Jr.

He used to look like Ronald Mcdonald today. He died March, 1979.

what did he do

His first amuteur performans as a teenage boy were,¨Chalk Talks¨ a comedy show. His first idea was to be a trapeze artist, but turned out to be a clown. Emmett and his wife Eva were a acrobat group called: The Aerial Keys. He had a clown partner his name was Wearly the Willie. He was such a good clown that he was promoted to the Circus Hall Of Fame.

impact on world

He was super funny. When he was a kid he made the whole community laugh. He would help anybody, like when people need help caring grocery, he would. He was a very creative man. He would pick up trash and perform with it.

should we be like him

He had to have lots of courage to go up on stage, because no one liked him. He had to be responsible, because people would boo and he would have to hold in the anger. He would have to be creative with other clowns. He had nothing but never gave up. His live motto was to never give up. He had a goal and did it no matter what.