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Newspaper Project by Valerie Rodriguez

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"It's not that we use technology, we live technology." -Godfrey Reggio


Brain Jack by Brian Falkner, a must see new movie! It's about a 14 year old boy named Sam Wilson who is a computer genius. He hacks into systems and get out before they catch him. It's all fun and games until one little thing happens. Will one notice change it his life for the good or the bad? He is given a choice to either go to jail or work for the Homeland Cyber Defense. If you were Sam, what would you choose?

Headset causing this right for America?

Recently a local citizen, Mary Allgood, bought a Neuro Headset for her son. She noticed he was acting strange after using the headset. He was throwing up, had a fever, and was to weak to walk. When they went to the hospital the doctors noticed other kids using the headset were having the same symptoms. Too many kids with little workers.

Will they find a cure for this headset "disease"?

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