Scratch vs. Kodu

Assessment on Scratch vs. Kodu

Programming Languages

Both Scratch and Kodu are types of programming languages. A programming language is basically a platform on where you can program and create your own games or other things as well.


Scratch is a simple and easy programming language for use of everyone, especially students and teachers in schools.

Here are some pros on Scratch programming:

  • Helps kids get started with programming
  • It's a fun way to encourage kids to create their own games
  • Has the ability to download for use of offline projects
  • Has the ability for students to share their projects
  • Users are able to customize their own characters

Scratch in Action

Here is a picture of the programming language Scratch in action:


  • Online English and Biology Teacher

Scratch is a great way to tell a story, esp. to students up to Grade 6th. It is a very easy tool that helps you create your own animations and games. If one is a creative teacher, he/she can use it very effectively to enhance comprehension, vocabulary and expression. I sometimes teach basic concepts of Science to Middle Graders. Recently, I had to teach the functions of roots to students of Grade 6th, but I didn't want it to be a boring Science class. I created an animation using the simple tools available on Scratch, and came up with a very engaging lesson. Students can also use it to make interactive project, which would also improve their creative skills.


Kodu is another programming language that may seem difficult at first, but gets easier the more you use it. Kodu is mostly used by 6th to 8th Graders but again can be used by everyone.

Here are some pros on Kodu programming:

  • It has a fun and engaging display
  • Users are able to customize their own terrain
  • It is on a kind of 3D platform
  • Has many ways to add life to the program
  • Has the ability for users to display and 'share' their games in a network

Kodu in Action

Here is a picture of this programming language in action:


  • Middle School Teacher

Great for PC beginning game designers!

  • Middle School Teacher

Create Xbox style games while you learn to code!

My Opinion

In my opinion, I think I prefer to use the programming language Kodu because it has way more options to code with and many more customizable options as well to personalize your whole game the way that you like. You can create games that are more YOU.

Also, I think that Kodu is still easier to use. Even though at first I was a bit confused, as soon as I started using it more of ten it became easier and much more simpler to use that other programming languages, you just have to learn how to use it and you have become a pro at it.


For both programming languages, Scratch and Kodu, I could find 1 disadvantage for each:

Kodu - DOESN'T have the ability to customize characters to detailed

Scratch - DOESN'T have the ability to customize and create terrain

Kodu First Game
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Maze - Invent with Scratch 2.0 Screencast
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