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May 16, 2016

Dr. Rhodes' Weekly Message

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Keep touching hearts--every day!!

Calendar Updates

*Our Monthly Fire Drill has to be changed (again...sorry). It will be held on 5/18 (Wednesday) at 9am

*Our Chess Club is holding a Tournament on 5/24 in the gym at 6pm.

*All Professional Staff Members to complete Bright Byte Survey before 5/26 We currently have 47 out of the 83 responses needed from our school

*3rd-5th Grade Teachers to have students complete the Bright Byte Survey before 5/26. Link and QR code given to Team Leaders. We currently have 409 out of 580 responses needed from our campus.

*Yearbook Signing Night will be held June 1st from 5-6pm in the cafeteria/gym. This event replaces previous years' Celebration of Learning. K-1 Teachers will also hand out art portfolios, student work, etc. when students visit your "signing table."

Please see Outlook calendar for further details on events.

To Do...

Class Creation Meetings begin this week. Please follow the schedule outlined in the paper calendar. Please come prepared with your pink and blue cards as well as completed sticky notes. Separation requests should also be completed and brought with you. All information discussed in Class Creation meetings is confidential.

The End of Year packet was emailed out last week. We may need to tweak a few items due to information received from the district at the end of the week. I will send out a revised packet if changes are needed. Please read through the packet and start developing deadlines for yourself to get all items done. It you wait until the last day of school it will be impossible to complete everything.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Our Tuesday Staff Meeting will be held in the Science Lab from 4-5. The PTA will hold a General Membership meeting at 5:15 in the Science Lab. If you can stay for the brief meeting in order to help reach quorum, it would be greatly appreciated. Quorum sign-in will begin at 5pm.

The 2016-2017 Planning Calendars will go up outside my office this week. Please do not add anything to the calendars at this point. We must add all state/district assessment windows, district holidays, etc. before other items can be listed. I will email when the calendar is open to various stakeholders. 2016-2017 Team Leaders should begin gathering dates for events each grade level/department wishes to add to the calendar. Remember, we will continue our grade level events that each team chose last year that are specific to your grade levels. These should be added to the calendar as well.

2016-2017 district curricular revisions will be completed and posted to Forethought by the following dates: Fall 2016- Thursday, June 9th; Spring 2017- October 14th.

Please see the link at the end of this newsletter for the Special Education Summer Blitz. All teachers would benefit from this Blitz. There are some great sessions for General Education teachers. Sign up now as sessions will become full quickly.

When faced with aggressive behavior or potential violence, school staff can react based on the emotions of the moment, or they can react based on their training. Proper training in crisis response and de-escalation skills enables staff to respond appropriately to crises and avoid the need for restraint and seclusion of students. If you need to update your Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) certificate, there are open update sessions at the Special Education Summer Blitz (don't let your certification expire). If you are not CPI trained, please consider it--there are also sessions for initial certification at the Blitz. CPI training is not just for SpEd teachers...any teacher benefits from the training.

Shout Outs

Thank you to all staff members for a successful testing week!!

If you have shout outs for a staff member, email them to me before Sunday and I will include them in our newsletter.

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