G.W. Gazette

November 2020 Edition

Thankful, Grateful, and Masked

November is the time to give thanks and some of us may find that more difficult this year with all of the changes since COVID-19 has occurred. I am a firm believer there is always something to be thankful for even in the harder times. Here are some reasons I am thankful:

  • Free breakfast, lunch, and fresh fruit or vegetable snack for every student both at school and online through the end of the school year
  • Only one positive student case at George Washington thus far
  • All specials classes have moved into their perspective areas at school
  • Students have done amazing wearing masks and washing/sanitizing hands
  • Our staff have worked extra hard on engaging lessons and interventions to help students overcome the five months out of school
  • Our parents are supporting our dismissal efforts to keep students separated from walking areas to car drive up
  • Our students are eating in the cafeteria for lunch now using social distancing
  • Our library clerk is getting books to students while keeping them sanitized appropriately
  • We still honor our K-Pride students during monthly assemblies and Friday drawings
  • We are able to have fun times and parties with our students at school

Although we may not be able to control this unknown situation, we can still thrive and be thankful for the opportunities to support one another.

Thank you to our community for supporting our school and students.

Have a wonderful November,

Mrs. Davis

Although we aren't having our annual Veteran's Day Assembly, we will still be honoring those who served. Thank you!

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PTO Happenings

Penguin Patch Holiday Shop

We are excited to offer our students the chance to purchase gifts for their family during the holiday season. Please mark your calendars for December 7 - 11 as our classrooms will have the chance to shop. We are looking for volunteers to help from 1:00-3:00 on those days. More details will be sent home after Thanksgiving break.
PTO Meeting Zoom Link

If you would like to join our PTO meeting virtually, please click this link on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 5:15

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Cold Weather Guidelines

Keokuk Community School District believes in the importance of fresh air combating the negative health consequences of children spending too much time in closed, indoor settings. We feel it is in the best interest of our students to allow them to play outside whenever appropriate. Students will go outside in cold weather unless the real feel, or windchill temperature is 10 degrees or lower. Students will go outside in hot weather unless the real feel, or temperature with humidity, is 100 degrees or higher. Teachers may use their discretion when it comes to other weather factors such as wind gusts, condition of grounds, heat index, etc. If you feel your child needs to stay in from recess the after an illness, a note from the parent/guardian is required. A doctor’s note may be required to stay inside for additional days.

Please make sure your students have a warm coat, hat, and gloves for the winter. If you need assistance getting these items, please contact the school as we have many donors that will help families in need. Also, remember to dress students appropriately if they are dropped off earlier than 7:50 a.m. as this is the time the school building opens daily. Thank you!

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From Mr. Coovert

In November students will be continuing to study the Second Step Curriculum. Students will be learning about respecting similarities and differences. It is so important that students respect people who have different opinions other than their own. They may also discover they have a lot in common with peers they do not know very well.

As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need to speak to me for any reason.

Mr. Coovert

GW School Counselor

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November 3......PTO meeting (GW Music room and virtual)

November 4......Bus Safety and Evacuation Drills

November 11....Veteran's Day

November 20....Deadline to communicate online students to return in January

Nov. 23-27.........Thanksgiving Break