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Week of June 15, 2015

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Jubilee Assembly

Monday, June 15th, 9am


Garden Team Meeting

Monday, June 15th, 1pm

Bullock Garden

Summer Planning

Special Area Teacher Meeting

Wednesday, June 17th, 9-11am

Small Conference Room

Specialists & Mrs. Brice will be reviewing class lists.

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News & Notes

  • Please remember that all SEED NOTEBOOKS will be collected this year. Please place them into the blue folders.
  • Next year we will be holding 3 voluntary PLC's (one each trimester). You will receive a copy of the text & I am hoping to meet regularly for action research. If you are interested, copies of the texts & sign-up sheets are on the front counter. I will be ordering texts next week and will email everyone once they arrive for those of you who need beach reads!
  • Please remember that we must support the current Nutri-Serve initiatives. These procedures are board policy.

You're the Best...Quotes from the staff!

  • To the first grade team: You are simply the best team to work with!
  • Lil-Thank you for joining my class and helping on Field Day!
  • First grade team-thank you for all the collaboration and working together to get things Dunn!
  • Lauren & Nicole-Thank you for the magical fairies to cheer me up!
  • Brian –great trip!! Thank you for all your efforts!
  • Amy – so glad that you are back! Missed you!!!
  • Mike-terrific job on field day-really appreciate all your hard work and effort!!! As the kids say “It’s the best day of the year!!”
  • Thanks for all of your help with field day – Joan, Carol, Kim, Scott, Bernadette, and Anthony for setting up and cleaning up and for all of my colleagues for helping to make this such a successful event. It was awesome seeing all of our students enjoying a day of physical activity in the beautiful weather!
  • A BIG thank you to Brian for the time you put into planning an awesome third grade trip!
  • Thank you to Patti for always listening and giving great advice. You are a great coworker and friend!
  • Thank you to Amanda for helping with my students on field day!
  • Mike Bittner for all his hard work for a great Field Day!
  • Thanks for your help Katie and Marcy.
  • Spectacular Field Day, Special Thanks to Mike for another fun year
  • Thanks to Joan and Carol for all that you do all year long
  • Thanks to all of our teachers and staff who work so hard to assist with our student’s health needs. It is much appreciated
  • Thank you to those that helped Ed with my classroom while I was out. You are all truly amazing!
  • Thank you Ed for holding down the fort while I was out! You rock!!
  • Congratulations to Mr. Bittner and everyone who had a hand in a very successful Tenth Annual Pride Day. It was great!
  • Aileen Castro for asking how I am doing and for sharing your story – love ya!

Schoolwide Events

  • 6/02: Gr3 Orientation @ Bowe
  • 6/05: SGO Data DUE
  • 6/06: QSAC Visitation
  • 6/08: Kindergarten Visits & Gr1 Family Night
  • 6/09: Summative CAST Meetings & Faculty Meeting
  • 6/10: Field Day
  • 6/16: Gr3 Talent Show & Music Showcase
  • 6/17: Last Day of School!

Happy Birthday!

  • Kathy Buchanan - 6/5
  • Mary Aruffo - 6/14
  • Scott Rogers - 6/16
  • Kelli Scharnagl - 6/16
  • Katie Evans - 6/19
  • Venetia Miner - 6/24
  • Madji Fall - 7/12
  • Jackie Applegate - 8/11
  • Karen DeFrank - 8/13

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