It's Benchmark Review Time!

We Can Do This!

How To Pass Your Science Benchmark

On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, you will be taking your 2nd Quarter Benchmark Exam in Science. This test will cover anything that has been taught this year in the areas of matter, heat, weather, and force & motion. The key to being successful on this test is: knowing the content and using your strategies. You will have to study. I repeat, you will have to study. You can do this!!!


Race to the Top! On Your Mark, Get Ready, Set....Go!

Based on 2nd Quarter Benchmark Scores, there will be several prizes given.

  1. Top Score (per class) - ice cream sundaes
  2. Most Growth (per class) - ice cream sundaes

Those names will be entered into a drawing. The grand prize winner will receive Dinner With Ms. H. (Name your restaurant - in Laurinburg of course).

Where Can I Go to Study?

  • In your Canvas Account, there will be a module on how to review for your benchmark.
  • I have uploaded Snapshots that provide you with the information that was covered in each unit, but in smaller pieces.
  • Each Snapshot also has links to other sites to practice or learn more about the concepts.
  • At the end of each Snapshot, there are about 4-5 questions to test your knowledge.

Don't give up. It's not too hard. It just requires dedication and continued effort.

In the Meantime, You Can Start by Studying Your Last Set of Vocabulary for the Quarter

5th Grade Science Benchmark

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 8am

815 McGirts Bridge Road

Laurinburg, NC