Are cell phones Safe

Cell Phones

People who say cell phones are safe reference statements by the FCC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and point to peer-reviewed studies which conclude that cell phone use is not associated with an increased risk of brain tumors or the onset of other health problems. They contend there has been no increase in brain tumor rates despite hundreds of millions of people now using cell phones.


1. Cell phones increase personal safety by providing an easy means of contacting others during an emergency.

2. Radiofrequency radiation from cell phones is non-ionizing and is not powerful enough to cause cancer.

3. Studies have shown an association between cell phone use and a decreased risk of certain brain tumors



1. Using a cell phone while driving, even with a hands-free device, is unsafe and makes accidents more likely

2. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown an association between cell phone use and the development of brain tumors
3. Due to the relatively recent adoption of cell phones, the long-term safety of the technology cannot be determined conclusively and caution is warranted.