7th Grade Social Studies

Course Update for the Week of August 31st

What have you learned in 7th Grade Social Studies?

I hope all of you have learned a great deal so far about the geography of our word!

Please be reminded of our late work polices, that can be found below, and make up missing work ASAP.

Please check your grades and turn in your late assignments as soon as possible. If you have already turned in your late assignments, thank you. Late work will be graded within 72 hours of submission (Monday-Friday).

You have until this coming Tuesday (9/1/15) at midnight to turn in any assignments from this grading period for a late grade. The GaVS Late Work policy will be followed when I grade your late assignments. This can be found below and in the Student Handbook.

Fri-Sun at midnight - 10% deduction
Mon at midnight - 20% deduction
Tuesday at midnight - 30% deduction

No assignments from this past benchmark will be accepted after Tuesday September 1, 2015 at midnight for any credit.

Office Hours and Help Sessions are taking place EVERY Monday at 7:30pm!

Come join the fun and see what is going on with your classmates and the class. I will discuss helpful hints and upcoming assignments.

Items to Consider

Next Two Week Due Date is September 10th!

Please keep in mind the late work policy for GAVS and continue to turn in your work as you complete it.