Donatello's Life and Artwork

Short Biography of Donatello's life and pictures of his work

Biography of Donatello

-Donatello was born in Florence in the year 1386.

-Spent most of his life in Florence, Italy.

-Apprenticed to Ghiberti (a sculptor and Bronze worker) and later worked for him on bronze reliefs.

-Brought up in a plebeian tradition and worked on art (mostly sculptures) for most of his life.

-He created sculptures such as The David and St. Mark which he became popular for.

-His patrons were the Medici family in Florence. The Medicis were also patrons of many other great artists and architects such as Brunelleschi.

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St. Mark

This is Donatello's St. Mark (above). It was created between 1411 and 1415. It is now located on the exterior of Orsanmichele. This piece was originally set in a niche in the side of a building, instead of being an entry piece to the building it was put into the wall. I find this piece interesting because it displays a large man under an archway holding a book. I do not think that many other sculptures of this time were set into the side of a building like the St. Mark. This represents humanism because it displays a large man which signifies that man is important. The size of him says that man is the center of the universe.

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