Jay Savsani

Founder of Meal Share

His Story

After attending a shared meal in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Savsani realized what a good time it was and also how convenient it was for him. He thought that others would also enjoy this experience, so in 2012, he began to organize his company as an online website that allowed its users to organize shared meals for hosts and guests. It didn't take very long to catch on and eventually became a huge hit. Today, there are hosts in 425 cities and many people have used his service.

Similarities and Differences Between Savsani and Brin

The most apparent thing that they had in common was the confidence in their company's success. They both said that they believed from the beginning that their product would become successful and famous.

What was different was that Brin did it much more to create a career and make a lot of money, whereas Savsani just wanted to let people get together and have fun. Savsani did it just because he was a good person, as he already had a good job, and Brin as right out of college and wanted to become a successful entrepreneur.