Isabel finally leaves Mark

and the other girls aren't surprised

Isabel has finally had enough

Breaking news in Colby, North Carolina. Everyone knows Isabel, the girl who has been with her boyfriend, Mark for 10 years, and engaged to him for 7. But does anyone really know Mark? He's a professional baseball player who is always traveling state to state to keep up with his game schedule. Isabel has been able to keep up with his hectic time schedule, but not for any longer. The two have been able to get though everything together. Even after Mark cheated on Isabel on their anniversary, the two were able to work through it. But last week, Mark came down to Colby to spend some time with his fiancee. Isabel wanted to start to talk about and plan the wedding, and after 7 years, who wouldn't? But Mark didn't want to discuss any future plans with Isabel, and he stormed out before breakfast. Isabel says she will not take him back this time, and she is done for good. She also stated that her and her best friend Morgan will be having a lot of girls nights in order to cope with this devastating news.