Update: November 2014

Love Changes Nations

Dear family and friends,

Thank you so much for your constant and continuous support, love, encouragement and prayers! As the body of Christ, we partner together to see Jesus glorified and His kingdom made manifest here.

Since our last update about the potential move of our base in Brazil to Rio de Janeiro, we have been doing just that! We also returned to Tacloban, Philippines in August and spent some time encouraging and edifying the local church there. It is amazing how quickly the city of Tacloban has recovered from the Typhoon.

Our move to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Since hearing from the Lord about moving in February 2014, we have been preparing our hearts, praying about His purposes are for us, looking for a place to live, as well as connecting with our church community here. We have found a flat and are currently in the midst of unpacking.

Our purpose in Rio

After much prayer and fasting, here are some of the things that we feel that God has put in our hearts for Rio:

1) Worship and music: Rio is the cultural and music capital of Brazil, and the arts from this city has hugely influence and impacted the music scene worldwide. It is a very strategic place for the arts and media mountain.

We will be setting up a house of worship and prayer as soon as we settle in. We want to change the atmosphere with worship rising up like incense to the Lord, and have His presence established here.

2) Slum Community: We will be partnering with Iris Global in Rio on projects in the favelas/slum and rubbish dump communities

3) Business/Book publishing – to start off, we have just signed a book publishing deal with Nic Billman (an American missionary based in Recife, Brazil who has a home rescuing girls involved in the sex trade. He wrote a book about his experiences and stories of redemption).

We would also like to open up a small business. This is to enable us to also train up young people in work skills, as well as for proceeds to go back to missions.

Preaching good tidings to the poor, giving the oil of joy for mourning

The slum community

We are partnering with the Iris base in Rio to reach out to the slum community. Just 30 minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Rio, thousands of people are living in extreme poverty. The multitude used to live off the garbage of Gramacho’s landfill dump and they have built their huts around the landfill.

In June 2012, the landfill was closed, resulting in families living until now in misery, without any structure, expose to diseases and living with pigs and vultures. There are hundreds of illiterates adults, kids without any registration, people with HIV, unemployed, under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The Iris base in Rio reaches out to these, and it is our honour to partner them in their ministering. We reach out and demonstrate His Kingdom simply by manifesting the love and heart of the Father.

Healing the broken hearted, giving beauty for ashes

Translation of Nic Billman's Book "Between the Flowers and the Broken"

Another project that we have embarked on is the translation and publishing of Nic Billman’s book called “Between the Flowers and the Broken” under Love Nations Editora. The book consists stories, songs and lessons from the streets of Brazil. Brazil has more people in prostitution than any nation in the world, including approximately 700,000 children and the number is increasing.

Nic and Rachel Billman lead Shores of Grace ministry which focuses on setting free those in prostitution and abuse and walking them through restoration; taking the love of the Father to the poor and the broken and helping them see their true value.

Project Bethany
We are praying that through the book, the body of Christ will be brought together with each understanding of how they can play their part to help those girls. All proceeds from the book will go to the rescue houses for the girls and the girls themselves.

prayer and financial support


As we are still in the midst of transition, so many things are new. This is a new season, and everything needs to be learnt. We have to learn the ways of the city/people, establish new relationships with the church community here, as well as move forward in the purposes that God has brought us here for.

We would really appreciate prayer for strength and joy, clarity of vision and purpose, unity and love, and the presence of God always.


Urgent needs: S$ 1,500

We have moved into the flat for a month now. Rentals in Brasil do not come furnished, and we require finances for some basic items.

1) A fan - It is hot here in Rio, current temperature is approximately 40 degrees celsius, and it is not even summer yet.

2) Mosquito nets over windows - We live in an area that is not completely developed, and the mosquitos are huge! Almost being bitten alive! :)

3) A fridge - We have been here for more than a month without a fridge. It is too expensive to eat out, and we can't buy anything perishable because of the weather.

4) A stove

Book Publishing: S$5,400

The book has been translated and is now ready to be published. The cost for professional translation is S$500. The book cover design and layout cost S$400. The printing and publishing will cost S$4500.

Other needs:

If you would like to support us financially in our daily living expenses (such as rental, food, transportation), we would be grateful!

To support us financially

- Account Holder: Yeong Wan Hsi


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