Are you hungry?

Reach Out Coppell!

Lunch Money: Not everyone has it

Did You Know?

  • Skipping a meal regularly can lead to serious potential issues such as fatigue, dizziness, and lack of nutrition.
  • The number of people on reduced or free lunch has increased dramamtically due to lack of financial stablility.
  • Lunch is a very important meal because it is your source of energy and nutrients in the middle of the day; This is what keeps you going, keeps you healthy, and fills your tummy!

Imagine if you didn't have enough lunch money? How would you feel if everyone saw you having to put back your food at the school store? Wouldn't you want anyone to help you out?

Not everyone can buy food every day at lunch because they do not have enough money.

It's never a bad idea or an unappreciated deed to loan a fellow cowboy some cash for food.

Lend A Hand: Sharing is Caring!

Brought to you by: Ana-Sofia Gonzalez, Caroline Rogers, and Tuulia Koponen