Jay Gatsby

by Stevie Henry

Green Light

Gatsby stares at the light all the time thinking about Daisy. All he can do is think about her and the old times. When he stares at the light he is always sitting on the dock just looking over. He really has know care in the world as he stares over there.

Big House

Gatsby always had to have the nicest stuff because he wanted everyone to like him. He had lots of people working for him because he wanted everything to look perfect for the parties that he through. They where always the biggest and best parties. Almost all the people that came to the parties didn't even know him but Gatsby didn't care as long as he could show off his big house with all of his fancy stuff that was in it.

Bio Poem


Funny, Rich, Loves to party, Caring

Family of farmers

Lover of Daisy, money, and parties

Who feels very relaxed, very caring, and love for Daisy

Who needs a lot of money, parties to have fun, and people to like him

Who gives parties to everyone, everything for Daisy, and money to his workers

Who fears Tom, being poor, and Daisy not loving him

Who would like to see Daisy, money, and people

Resident of West Egg



"old sport"

This quote is important because if anybody knew Gatsby they would know that some point through their conversations that he would say that. Everybody loves it when he says that saying. Except Tom he hates it because Daisy likes him so anything Gatsby does Tom hates. At one point in the book Tom try's to copy Gatsby by saying everything he says. Thinking that it would make him mad. But it doesn't and that is what i think is a good quote for Gatsby.