LeBron James



Do you like basketball? Well I know LeBron James does.Not familiar with LeBron James. He plays for the Miami heat #6.Also the Olympics basketball team for 2012-04-08. He was a nominee for kids choice awards 2013 for best male athlete .Does that help you remember LeBron James.

Does Lebron James have a foundation?

Yes he does. He has a family foundation. Called I promise.

LeBron James accomplishes and more

Once lead his team to the win and won the rookie award in 2003-04 in Cleveland . He whet to St Univesity and St mary high school. He`s 28 years old. He`s in the NBA.

family and more

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Some inside information

Born in Akorn Ohio. Also birthday is Dec 30th 1984. His full name is LeBorn Raymore James.
LeBron James wins KIA 2012-2013 NBA MVP Award!

more info

He joined st Mary high school basketball team in 1999. An average is 31.6 points per game.Before he played for the Miami heat played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron James go's by his nickname King James Because he rules the NBA.NBA stands for national basketball association.