Dress Codes in Schools

Dress Codes are Necessary

Dress codes are very important to students in school. For one having a dress code keeps students more disciplined and focused on their studies. Also, it promotes school safety and a positive environment.

According to the article: school dress codes are necessary and constitutional, 67% of schools saw improvement in concentration, 72% saw increase in school spirit, 75% saw decrease in peer pressure, and 85% saw better participation. And, "having a school dress code does not infringe on the students rights to freedom expression." A positive impact on behavior and academic performance also comes out of having a dress code in public school.

Zero Tolerance

The article: zero tolerance policies are unfair, says that "some dress codes are too strict, but still schools need a dress code otherwise students abuse their freedom, but if students do start to abuse their freedom of the dress code then uniforms should be enforced." dress codes are necessary because students think they need to dress to impress, so, students are taking to much time worrying about what they need to wear and not enough time on their school work. dress codes promotes school tolerance and makes schools better. (Rhonda)

In the article: Fashion Police: should students be allowed to wear what they want to school? "Some people express who they are through what they wear, but, people shouldn't judge who people are just based on what they wear. People are more expressed by how they act around others and how they deal with stuff." "It is in the constitution that people have the right to express themselves through art, music, the way you dress, or even the way you wear your hair." Some schools agree with that, but some schools are starting to abuse their privileges and the dress code rules need to be enforced, and, in some cases schools are starting to enforce that students must wear a uniform. In 1969 the U.S. Supreme Court said that students have a right to wear what they want- to a point. So as long as students don’t abuse their freedom they wouldn’t have to have to wear uniforms or strict dress codes. Dress codes are also needed because students can’t be distracted in class, and what students wear cannot be hurtful or harmful to others around them. Principal Jaggon says “clothing isn’t the only way to show individuality, dress codes aren’t meant to stop freedom of expression.” (Modiglioni)

Do Kids Abuse Their Freedom of the Dress Code Policy?

Some people abuse their freedom of not having dress codes. Without the dress code people think they can wear anything they want, so people start to wear inappropriate clothing apparel. 91% of parents agree there should be dress codes. (Hamilton 9) Dress codes also help students realize they can express themselves other than with what they wear.

People don't know how to limit themselves when they are getting ready to go to school. (Cruz 9) Schools also shouldn't have a uniform unless students start to abuse their freedom of the use of the dress code. Dress codes help students focus more on their school work and studies more than what they look like because of what they wear. (Cruz 10)
Dress codes are important in schools. For one having a dress code keeps students more disciplined and focused on their studies. Also, it promotes school safety and a positive environment. Having a dress code also increases in academic performance and behavoir.
Dress Code Video Project

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