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Second Semester, Week 10


I have had the opportunity this weekend to look at a number of responses to last weeks questions on engagement.......Some great reflections! A common theme within the ones i have had an opportunity to read......"some days i am better than others"

That is why it is so important to work together: as a PLC, as a department, with members of other departments, etc to make sure that....

on that day that is not one of your finest......

on that lesson that needs a little freshening up.......

or on that assessment that is the same as last year......

.......you are giving it the best to ACTIVELY ENGAGE your students because they deserve it EVERY DAY!

Taking a few minutes to reflect on your engagement in the classroom is important and it is equally important to understand where and in what areas you can improve.

This week, your follow up is to take a look at the follow up post on STUDENT ENGAGEMENT......there are 18 different podcasts within the post......pick a topic that might interest you and give it a 10 minute listen.....then share your thoughts with another teacher outside of your department.

Careful, you just might improve yours or someone else's engagement!!

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