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Google Mail Tips

As we're all getting used to Google Mail, new questions pop up that I want to share with everybody in case you've run into the same problem. Here are some features you may not know about in Google Mail:

Full-Screen Compose

If you're not a fan of having newly composed emails written in that small corner window (as it's pictured below), you can switch to a full-screen view for writing emails by selecting the pop-out option circled (also below).
Big image

Pop-Out Reply

Furthermore, you can do the same when replying to a mail conversation. If you're not a fan of replying at the bottom of the email thread (as it's pictured below), select the drop-down menu (circled below) and choose "pop out reply".
Big image

Use the Search Bar!

There's no question that Google knows how to search for things and searching for old mail is just as easy. Instead of scrolling and scrolling back for an old email you're now needing, simply type a keyword or name in the search bar at the top (It's not a web search bar! It'll only search your inbox and archived mail). To add details, select the drop-down menu (circled below). There you can fine-tune a search some as finding all mail sent directly from someone, if it has an attachment or if it was received within a few days of a specified date.
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Thanks for reading!

Feel free to e-mail me any questions.