Sheldon ISD Tech Tips

Digital Assessment Tools That Measure Up!

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Fantastic, Fast Formative Assessment Tools

Checking for understanding is good for both students and teachers. I've compiled a few of my favorite digital tools to help you become a 21st century teacher today!

Formative Assessment:

*Gives teachers information to drive instruction.

*Helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

*Does not have to be for a grade.

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My New Favorite Tech Tool!

Flipgrid is a video response tool that is used to create discussions between all students within your classroom. Teachers post a topic or question via text or video and the students respond to the prompt. Flipgrid also gives students the ability to comment on their classmates' responses.

*Flipgrid One (Free)- 1 grid, unlimited students, unlimited topics, unlimited responses.

*Flipgrid Classroom ($65 per year) - unlimited grids, unlimited students, unlimited topics, unlimited responses.

15+ Ways to use Flipgrid in your class: