By: Bella Braatz Hour 9

Common Rules for Social Networking

1. Facebook

Should do
  • Keep conversations short and focused between a person or groups of people otherwise they doze off plus save long speeches for face to face situations.
  • Check for correct English language like always to be proper
  • Have appropriate statuses for friends to view
  • Make respectful decisions on how you spend your time online
  • Ask yourself, "Would I say this in public?" before posting

Should not do
  • Make more than 3 statuses a day about your personal life (That's called Twitter)
  • Type capital letters in personal or public posts because then others think you are shouting
  • Take multiple "selfies" (That's called Instagram) Most individuals get annoyed by the same picture being seen everywhere.


  • Many people chat with others using e-mail because the fear of talking in personal
  • Get into a good habit by signing your name and contact information at the bottom of any message if necessary
  • Make sure your writing has been proof read after typing it so the other person/people doesn't get a sloppy copy

While online, think before you type!

The Golden Rule

Treat others the way YOU would want to be treated

!Act Wisely!

Several serious problems can happen on the internet...

  1. Severe DRAMA starts
  2. Individuals get hurt either verbally or physically
  3. Accidents occur
  4. There are mix-ups