Dazzler Team Newsletter


KUDOS round up

fabulous month fabulous team you rocked it in February with 27 new stylists joining the team, 6 new Lead Stylists and out of the top 25 in the country for sales we had 13 yes 13 dazzlers in that list !!!!

so here are the roll call of the top achievers

New Lead Stylists

Catherine Dyke-Price

Claire Armstrong

Louise Greenaway

Mel Gittens

Fiona McKenna

Ali Gray..... whoop whoop

and here are the national to 25 positions in sales

4th Sarah Jacobs

6th Elise H-H

8th Petrina Martin

10th Jo Angel

12th Nicola Stevens

15th Catherine D-P

16th Petrina Goldman

17th Claire Armstromg

20th Allanah B-A

21st Maz Pennington

22nd Fiona Parry

25th Jo Wells


Confident close

what to say

when you are trying to book a show you will often hear, let me ask my friends and get back to you. Try this

" I totally get that you want to check that your friends can make the event but hypothetically if you were to have a show would you want, a day or evening. Ok evening, what might work better, a Tuesday or a Thursday, a Thursday, well I know I have the 13th or 27th March, may I make a small suggestion, to save you a huge amount of time if we make one of those dates your pencilled in date when you ask your friends you can suggest that you are having a show on that date and that you'd like them to come, rather than saying if you were to have a show would they come and then having to go back to them when you've then set a date, saves a huge amount of time and the date is only pencilled if its turns out unworkable, which one shall I hold for you xx

I promise you this works

my figures for feb

if you'd like to know what I did and earned in Feb here you are

Trunk shows held 5

Personal earnings £992.78

Personal sales £3948

New Stylists 2

Coaching commissions £2902.40

Total earnings £3895.18

Magnificent March

so who is going to make this wonderful spring like month of March their best yet. Offer shows, get out and about wearing statement necklaces, use mothers day as the fabulous opportunity it is, attend a stylist get together ( all our events are listed at the top of the dazzlers Facebook page under Files,) get yourself to a women's networking event or to an office pop up to meet some more people and follow up with all the customers you made in February

Post your results on the fb page

there may be random prizes