The Whiton Winner Gazette

Keeping You in the Loop!



We have started our Disaster Unit. The children are learning all about the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius at Pompeii and how this bustling town was buried alive. We will be visiting The Franklin Institute in April for the One Day in Pompeii exhibit. Next up…we will be boarding the Titanic and learning all about this epic tragedy on the sea. A very exciting unit! We have started our newest read aloud, The One and Only Ivan, about a lonely gorilla and his journey of friendship. This fictional story is based upon an actual silverback gorilla named Ivan. The children were able to see video footage and photos.

Please remember to check and sign your child new reading journal each Thursday night and have meaningful discussions with them about their book!


We are on the final stages of typing and publishing our animal mindset stories. The children came up with such clever & creative ideas…from Gary the Goat who can’t “baa” to Sydney the Snake who can’t slither. We will be illustrating and binding the stories into books. The children can’t wait to share their stories & all they have learned about having a growth mindset and grit!


We just started Unit 6, Geometry. We are learning how to draw lines, line segments, and rays, as well as right triangles and polygons. We have learned about clockwise and counterclockwise turns, and will be learning all about 3 dimensional shapes. We have been practicing our money skills by identifying coins and counting, as well as making change from $5…all important PSSA skills.


We are starting our Solar System unit next week. The children will be partnered to research & create a Planet PowerPoint on a planet of their choice. They will present to the class.

Quiz Me Questions!

  • Draw a line, line segment, and a ray using a straightedge.

  • Who are the characters in the story, The One & Only Ivan? What is the setting?

  • What reading journal activity are you going to create this week?

  • What book are you reading? What is it about?


  • Field Trip permission slip and money are due as soon as possible

  • Make sure to help your child remember to bring his/her chapter book to and from school each day/night!

Valentine's Day

If your child is giving out Valentines, please make sure to give to all classmates. An email was sent with a class list.