Keys to Communication

By: Cali, Britt and Lauren

Communication Blockers

Communication blockers could lead to miscommunication and issues within your daily conversations with others. There are different types of blockers. For example, blaming, name-calling, sweeping generalizations, and sarcasm. Blaming is when you accuse someone of being guilty. Name-calling is when someone calls another person an insulting name. Sweeping generalizations is when a complaint seems worse than it actually is due to exaggerating someone's behavior. Lastly, sarcasm is when a person is saying the opposite of what they mean to insult someone. Trying to avoid the blockers will help with your communication skills and will help you get along with others. ~Britt

Being a Good Listener

Being a good listener will keep conflict from happening. It's important to listen to people because they may be trying to tell you something important. Listening is good because someone may be trying to give you advice, or they may be telling you something that will keep you safe. When you are a good listener to other people, those people will notice that and then give you the same respect that you gave them. Being a good listener will help you in many ways, but it will also give you things in return. ~Cali


An Imessage is a way to communicate how you are feeling about something. If you're delivering an IMessage, you're telling how you are feeling about a situation to the person or people involved. Your message would start with “I feel,” or “I want." You will have problems with friends, but you can work them out. Saying what's on your mind, and saying how you feel is a way for you to figure things out. Remember to stay calm and always make sure your tone of voice is calm, too. Your body language is helping send the right message to the person. An Imessage is a great way to communicate with friends and work through problems. ~Lauren