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Favorite T-shirt Day - Thursday, July 25th

Closing Ceremony - Friday, July 26th (4:15 - 5 pm in UTC 2.102A)

Last week of classes!

In Building Blocks of Engineering, students are designing and constructing their final projects. Some students are building skyscrapers while others are building houses or bridges. When finished, students will test their structures using a weather or natural disaster simulation.


Last week in The Detective: Master of Mysteries, we had great guest speakers including detectives from APD Burglary Unit and AFD Arson Investigators. This week, students are working on writing a mystery, creating a mystery came, or creating a crime scene for our class to help solve. It will be fun to share our final projects!

On Thursday in Simple Machines, Complex Designs, students began learning about Rube Goldberg Machines. They have begun planning and designed a machine which includes several simple machines to test in class.

We are going to be growing crystals this week! We will be making evaporite, rock candy crystals, and growing accretion crystals on granite rocks! We will make a fossil of a shell and dig for our very own precious stones. We are going to turn our discoveries into an original piece of jewelry and make our very own diamond key chain. We are looking forward to a great week!

In Art Alley, students will be finishing books, constructing an assemblage sculpture, and best of all, visiting the Blanton Museum.

This week in biology we will look at the brain and its parts. Then we will look at DNA, cells and nutrition. At the end of the week, the students will know that in order to keep your cells working properly they must exercise and eat right.

This week in chemistry we will look at polymers of different types and their structure. We will then look at how lava lamps work, how milk reacts to dish detergent, dry ice and crystalline structures in the form of rock candy.