Winter Concert

Given by the students of Jacqui's Piano Studio

Piano Recital is coming soon!

Please join me and students in the studio for a student piano recital at Trinity Episcopal Church in Portland. Students have been working hard to prepare for this event so mark your calendars! Music includes Christmas, Classical, and Popular Music. Family and Friends are invited!

Winter Concert

Saturday, Dec. 19th, 1-3pm

580 Forest Avenue

Portland, ME

  • Parking is behind the church and also on the side streets. Parking should not be a problem since it is a Saturday.
  • There will be a Reception following the concert so please plan to bring food and/or beverage. There will be a sign-up sheet in the studio in early December.
  • Please come in the back side of the church where the parking lot is. As you enter you will see the reception hall to your left. Put food on food table there.
  • This Concert is very important to students study so please make it priority.
  • Please plan to stay for the entire recital so that students at the end get the same experience as students from the beginning. Plus I always give students a small gift and take a studio photo at the end!
  • If you absolutely have to leave early, please communicate that with me beforehand.
  • Students should dress in formal dress for this event.
  • It will cost $150.00 for me to rent the space so donations are welcome through paypal or check/cash. There will be a donation basket at the Reception.
  • It is a big church that seats up to 300 people so ALL ARE WELCOME!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


12:30PM-12:55PM: Jacqui plays prelude.

12:55PM-1:00PM: Scout Heath, my graduating senior in the studio will be performing "Moonlight Sonata" by LV Beethoven before the recital begins.

1:00PM-2:15PM: Student Recital

2:15PM-2:30PM: Certificates for students who win the 100 day practice challenge/gifts/studio picture

2:30PM-3:00PM: Reception: students are encouraged to play Christmas music on the upright piano in the reception hall.

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