Properties of Matter

by Zach, Ethan,and Owen

Mass and Volume of Matter

The amount of space matter takes up is volume. Matter is anything that takes up space. It can be gas, solid, or liquid.

Describing Matter

People use properties to describe matter. A property is anything you measure or describe (size, color, shape, etc.).For some examples check out the pictures.

Changing Properties

Properties can change. Water can change from a liquid (water) to a solid (ice) when it gets cold. Heating things up and cooling things down usually changes the properties of an object.

vocabulary words

Matter: is any object or substance that has mass and volume.

Mass: is the amount of matter in some thing you can use a balnce to measure mass.

States of matter: are forms that matter can take.

Volume: is how much space some thing takes up.

Properties: are things you can measure or discribe.

Conductor: is a object that some thing can go through.



1# Wich statement about these object is most likely true?


The wooden spoon can conduct electricity but the metal spoon can't.


A student at a tray of ice cubes on a table an hour later it melted. What property changed?

Zach ( on the left),Owen ( in the middle),??????????

Zach is a black belt. Owen is smart.