Massachusetts: The Best of Them All

Shruthi Murali

The Original Settlers

The very first European settlers that were in Massachusetts were those from England. Though they were English, this particular group of people were known as the Puritans, who came to Massachusetts (and America) so that they could have more religious freedoms. They were aided by John Winthrop and discovered this colony in 1630. Unlike the Pilgrims, who wanted to separate from the Church of England, the Puritans wanted to make the Church of England more 'pure' hence, their name. This first colony was called Massachusetts Bay Colony and the amount of Puritans that came over was close to 1,000.

Location and its Impact on the Economy

Massachusetts is located in the north of the United States of America and is in the group of the New England Colonies. It is touching a body of water (the Atlantic Ocean) which helps to further commercialize its fishing industry. The ocean also helped with shipping goods from ports located here. The sea also helps the colony to pursue shipbuilding and whaling. Whaling is especially important because whale oil powers the lamps in society. Although there is lots of land in Massachusetts, none of this land is suited for farming because of the infertile soil.

Religion, Government, and Trade

In Massachusetts, there was generally only one form of religion and that was Puritanism. No other religions could generally be worshiped because the Puritans were strict. However, in 1686, a town called Oxford was established, and it was/is not a Puritan town. The government in Massachusetts is not very forceful and it comes from the imperial power of England (at this time (1750)). As for trade, Massachusetts's location near the sea helps it connect with other parts of the world, such as England itself. Its exports include timber, furs, and fish.

Important Events and People -- and why you should move here!!

Massachusetts is the proud home of Harvard College, which was established in 1636. So, if you move here, you are bound to get an amazing education!! Even though this is a great event, there were also negative ones in the history of Massachusetts. This is inclusive of when King Philip's War occurred and many settlers were attacked by the Indians in 1675. But, the amazing thing about our colony is that it overcame it, and King Philip's War ended in 1676. This proves what a strong and motivated society and colony we have! Finally, in 1692, Massachusetts became a royal colony. This was also a dark year in that witch trials occurred. But, no worries! That is all over now.

Some of the amazing people that are from Massachusetts include:

John Adams

Samuel Adams - He is a patriot and will fight for you!

Benjamin Franklin - He is an inventor and a diplomat!

In Conclusion...

Massachusetts is a rising colony that has huge amounts of potential! Everyone should move here because of its incredible commercial industry. Also, this is where life can be simple and fun! Massachusetts is filled with coasts and beaches for weekend relaxation. So, come on down!