Panda PAWS 4.3

January 17-21, 2022

Important Events for the Week:

January 17:
  • No School for Staff & Students

January 18:

  • Admin Team Zoom meeting (Tracy, Marcela, Ashley B., Julia, Jennifer)

January 19:
  • Dickson in Principal Zoom all day
  • 3:30 Guiding Coalition Zoom meeting

January 20:
  • PK Assessment Team Meeting (Reyes & Li)

January 21:
  • Zoom Parent Meetings
  • #EPED Prizes go home
  • Spirit Day

Planning Ahead:

January 24-February 4: MOY CIRCLE Testing Window for PK 4

Covid-19 Protocol Updates for Staff:

Good morning, Team Pierce! It’s time to put some older protocols back in place with the rise of Covid-19 cases. Thank you for continuing to be gracious and flexible as we work through these daily challenges. Things could change rapidly, and I will do my best to keep you updated as soon as possible. Here are my notes from yesterday’s Principal Meeting. PLEASE come and see me if you have ANY questions or concerns regarding the information below. It is expected that as a Staff we follow these protocols and do everything we can to be safe and still have an engaging learning experience for our students. I know we can do it! I’m here to help. Just let me know.

COVID-19 Updates - January 4, 2022

Omicron is expected to peak in January.


  • Protocols remain as is (10 day) for both students and adults at this time. (Subject to change.)
  • Report any student positive cases to Karen directly and she will contact parents for next steps.
  • Bring any student who comes to school showing symptoms to Nurse Karen for next steps. She is the only one who determines who stays at school and who goes home.

Daily Cleaning

  • Nightly cleaning of high touch areas, desks, door handles, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided. Check with your building manager for “new” sanitizer.
  • Electrostatic guns will be utilized daily.
  • If positive cases increase at a campus, Ms. Dickson will escalate the need for a deep cleaning.

Deep Clean

  • 3 or 4 campuses will be deep cleaned every Saturday on a rotating basis.
  • Principals can always request a classroom or area to be deep cleaned. Please email Ray Gonzalez.


  • If you need additional PPE, please contact Jennifer and she will order it from the District if we do not have it on campus.

Face to face meetings

  • Limit face to face meetings, offer zoom meetings when possible.
  • All Staff & Guiding Coalition meetings will move to Zoom until further notice.
  • Constant use of masks is still highly encouraged.
  • Upcoming Conscious Discipline trainings are moving to Zoom.
  • January CPI Trainings have been canceled.


  • When possible, social distance as much as possible, both with students in classrooms and as a Staff.
  • Staff are highly discouraged from eating together.
  • No Staff gatherings with food should take place at any time, until further notice.

Field Trips/Events

  • No Field Trips will be scheduled at this time.


  • Campuses will continue to not allow in person Volunteers/Visitors/Mentors.
  • Parent meetings - i.e. ARDs, teacher/parent conferences will remain as is. Offer virtual options, but it is not required.

Testing @ School

  • We can highly encourage parents/students to agree to test, we cannot require it.
  • Karen can give students the opportunity to get a COVID test at school, if a student is displaying COVID symptoms, and the parent/student has given consent.

Self-report form: Text Jennifer (469-510-7180) when you fill out this form (even on evenings & weekends):

COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form 2021-2022.

All Classroom Staff are required to put their absences in the AESOP System:

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Congrats to our January Row Boat Award Winners!

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Conscious Discipline Reminder:

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Shout Outs!

From Julia Popkin:

Shout out to 3’s teachers for participating in the snowman lessons! The students are having a great time!

Shout out to 4’s teachers for participating with students on the coding lessons. The students get so excited about working with the beebots.

Shout out to Lupe for always being so nice about helping me with various things.

Shout out to Karen for all you are doing to take care of our students and staff!

Shout out to Marcela for translating for me. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me in that way!

From Karen Nichols:

Shout out to Ashley Pence for the tech help on Thursday-much appreciated!

Shout out to Nadya and Ursula for all their help thins week with phone calls and translation help-I couldn’t do it without y’all!

Shout out to Lupe for the extra sanitizing going on-thanks for keeping everything clean!

Shout out to all the teachers and all the staff for all the grace and patience you all show every day in these crazy times. It’s hard, but know that you all make a difference every day!

From Jennifer Dickson:

Shout out to EVERYONE for doing their best, coming to work each day with a smile on your face and with grace and flexibility in your heart! We will get through this together!


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