Saarah's Science Page!

A reflection of my learning in the 1st unit.

An introduction to me Saarah!


My name is Saarah. I am actually new to California because I have just moved here from Maryland. Some things that I like to do in my free time is play outside and ride bikes, bake and cook with my mom, and get cozy and read a book. My favorite subjects in school are math and science. I really like it here at Pioneer Middle school and love my new home also.

Introduction to Science 6

In this science unit, we have done lots of fun worksheets and labs. We looked through microscopes and learned how to use them. We also learned and used a triple beam balance. Some worksheets that we have done are the letter e lab, Mircroscope sequencing map, Microscope notes, and a cover page. I looked at salt, sand, a letter e and more through the microscope. We also did some worksheets with globes and flat maps. We learned longitude and latitude.

My favorite activity in the unit.

My favorite activity in the unit was the sand lab. I loved looking at four different types of sand and then finding out where Mr.Shafer went surfing. The worksheet was really cool and my partner Mia is great and I love working with her. We used a microscope and a slide to do this activity also.