Live your Day to the Fullest

Hailey Hraha

What are some big ideas that apply to your life?

  • Kind
  • Hopeful
  • Shyish
  • Loss
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Independence
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Think about what I have learned? How have I grown or changed? and Why do I act the way I do?

  • I can do things on my own without any supervision
  • I have a hard time going up to people and asking for things
  • I'd hope for things to get better
  • If you're kind to people they will hopefully be kind back
  • When you lose someone it helped me to be alone and think about my feelings
  • Family and friends helped me with the loss of a loved one

My theme is...

Spend your time wisely and live your day to the fullest without any regrets.
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I did this theme because...

If you lose someone or if someone leaves then you might regret something or want to say something but you can't because its too late and if you spend your day to the fullest then you also won't regret anything and won't feel any badness.

Character 1

Character name: Ryan

Relationship to you: Dad

Influence on theme: When he died there was so many things that I wish that I could say to him right now but I can’t. That influenced my theme because if I would of spent my day to the fullest and said what I wanted to say then I wouldn't have any regrets.
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Character 2

Character name: Laura

Relationship to you: Mom

Influence on theme: She keeps my head up and makes sure that there isn't anything wrong. She also reminds me to say I love you because it might be the last time you'll be able to say it.
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Character 3

Character name: Sheila

Relationship to you: Grandma

Influence on theme: She reminds me everyday to make sure that I say what I need to say and not regret saying what I wished I could say. And she also says to make time for everyone and to not leave out anyone.
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Character 4

Character name: Matt

Relationship to you: Step dad

Influence on theme: He always says to be happy and he says that if there is anything that that I need to talk about then he’ll be there. This influenced my theme because if you have something bad in you day then it shouldn’t bring you down for the rest of the day, just think of the positives.
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Whats the Setting of your story?

July 4th 2010 in my house, everyday at school.

Why is this setting important to your story?

Because it was the day my dad died and because I get to see my friends at school everyday.
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How might your story be different if the setting had been different?

It would of been different because if I didn't regret saying things to my dad then it wouldn't affect the setting so bad and if I couldn't see my friends almost every day then I couldn't live my day to the fullest and I’d be sad and depressed.

What is your plot sequence that makes up your life?


When my dad died.


Going to Adventureland with my friends.


Mikayla moving different schools.

Which one of the three plot events would be your climax?

My dad dying.
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How has this event contributed to the theme you identified above?

Because iId wish that I could of said what I wanted to say when he was here.

Thats it :) Hope you liked it!