Sparks of Industrial Revolution

What you NEED to Know


The Industrial Revolution is when machines took jobs from men. Machines worked faster then man. This lead to factories, which created new jobs for many people. Since the population increased a lot of people got jobs taken . They had to make laws called Poor Law which was not good, family's got split your children would have worked in mills it was a sad time. People did not bath all the time, there was no Germ X disease were spreading, the street's were so crowded there were lots of beggars on the street.It was a bad time in history.


Machines started to become advanced and made the world change such as the cotton gin, invented by Eli Whitney. The cotton gin's job was to take the seeds from cotton. This saved time and money. Slaves used to do that but then the cotton production increased and so did the number of slaves. Another inventor was Henry Ford. He did NOT invent the car but he did invent the Ford car and one of the first people to use something called an assembly line ( which is when one person does something then they pass it on to the next person). It made life easier to drive to see people and to go to work and it made business better by using the assembly line.The darkness is no more thanks to a inventor named Thomas Edison he invented the light bulb. You see people woke up when the sun raised from the sky so lets say you come home late from work you would have to eat your food in the dark. The light bulb helped lots of people like you and me today! Thanks to these brilliant inventors that helped a lot of people in the cold scary dirty time in the Industrial revolution.


Little kids early as age seven, have to go to work just like your parents. But its totally different , today your parent's wake up early come home late and earn a lot of money or minimum wage. Kids do the same but work in factories, and some kids have no shoes. There were no safety rules or warning labels back then. But those kids worked hard all week and got three dollars or less a WEEK. The little girl below, was a spinner and you can see how awful it is just looking at it. And girls and lady's always get paid lower then men and boys.


In factories some business had assembly lines. This is lines of people that do one step and pass on to the next person who does the next step and so on. It made products so much faster , but it does have its down side as well. People can go to fast and the other person is not ready so now the person has to two extra steps. They have to work as a team and if they don't, it does not end good and can end in a disaster. There were a lot of people wanting the same jobs. Competition was tough because you did not need to go to college you just need to know the steeps.