The Great Wall Of China



The Qin Dynasty started to build the wall, the Han Dynasty extended it to the west, and finally the Ming Dynasty rebuilt and finished it. In a period of about 2,000 (1368-1644) the Great Wall of China was built, rebuilt, and better constructed. The wall was built using local materials. Their construction method was the rammed-earth method using bricks and stone. The Great Wall of China was built in the year of 206 B.C. The primary purpose of the Great Wall of China was for protection mainly against the Northerners and sometimes the Southerners.

To Wall Or Not To Wall


We decided we would have built the wall because it would have protected China from its enemies and it would keep illegal immigrants out of its country. The Great Wall of China gave them so much more protection from enemies and it kept immigrants out of China. We thought that we should build a wall because it would keep all of our immigrants out of our country. We decided that the wall should be built out of stone because that would be the most durable and we think it should be built on the Mexeican-American border. We think it would turn out to be the same because if we were to build one we think it would be stone and would look somewhat like China's. To build a wall like we think it should be built the total cost would cost about 105,019,200. It would cost a lot but we could afford it and we wouldn't have problems with Mexicans crossing the border. If we didn't build one we would probably sooner or later have to increase border control and have more problems. All of our ancestors were born here and never immigrated so it doesn't change our opinion because none of our family immigrated from Mexico.