AES Newsletter

February 2016

PBiS Kickoff Assembly

February 1st - 2:00 p.m.

Join us for our fun Kickoff in the gym. We will have videos that feature our students and the band will perform.

Fear Factor Family Night

February 4 - 6:00 p.m. - Cafeteria

Please join us and compete for the Ultimate Fear Factor Championship. There will be mystery smoothies, taste testings, and more.........

Winter Gear

Winter has finally hit us. Please remember to send a hat, gloves or mittens and a winter jacket to school every day. Thank you

Happy Birthday

2/2 Batsios, Miranda E.

2/2 Holder, Madison L.

2/6 Bray, Savannah M.

2/6 Talley, Matthew

2/8 Inman, Kayla A.

2/9 Brown, Allison A.

2/11 Stickler, Julia N.

2/14 Matheson, Chyanne I.

2/14 Wright, Ethan W.

2/14 Zerka, Brianna M.

2/15 Horne, Monte

2/16 Batsios, Kali E.

2/16 Horn, Alpha L.

2/17 Caughel, Kaiden

2/18 Long, Alyssa L.

2/19 Brown, Sania A.

2/20 Holliman, Jade A.

2/21 Almeida, Aidanjay A.

2/21 Anderson, Kaleb D.

2/21 Robinson-Rutherford, A'Mya S.

2/21 Yoesting, Rage C.

2/24 Wissinger, Gage

2/25 Acre IV, Keith E.

2/26 Boyce, Dacoda W.

2/28 Smith, Makayla M.

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