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Renaissance Inventors and their Inventions

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If you or anybody you know like inventions or the famous inventors of the Renaissance time period, then come and see our exhibit at The St. Peter Inventors Museum. We have exhibits on many famous historic inventors, such as Da Vinci and Gutenberg. We are open weekdays 9(am) - 7(pm) and on the weekends from 10(am) - 8(pm).

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Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)

Da Vinci; who was born and raised in the Republic of Florence, present day Italy. In his life time he was a very productive man. He was very skilled in many fields. Such as painting, sculpting, inventor, etc. He just seemed to have more of a desire for inventing. He is most known for his inventions such as Flying machines, War machines, Architecture/Innovations and Water & Land Mechanics.

Human powered Flying Machines ( Leonardo Da Vinci )

Leonardo was practically the first European who was interested in the solution of flying. His first design was a human powered ornithroper (wing-flapped device intended to fly). It was mainly designed after birds and bats. There's no evidence that he ever made one but he had a lot of well detailed drawings about it.

Parachute ( Leonardo Da Vinci )

Leonardo's version of the parachute was way less complex compared to modern day parachutes. His was a sealed off canvas cloth hung out over a wooden pole shaped in a pyramid each about seven meters long. At the very peak there was a tiny hole to act as a stabilizer so that the parachute wouldn't frantically shake on the way down.
Leonardo da Vinci First Parachute

Johannes Gutenberg ( 1395 - 1468 )

Johannes was another very famous inventor during the Renaissance era. He didn't have as many different skills, that Da Vinci had. But he was an important part of the times today. Throughout his inventing he managed to invent a printing press, which has impacted the way we live today greatly. He was born in Mainz, Germany. The main occupation he had was an inventor. And during his lifetime he wasn't all that famous. Even though he did invent the printing press, there was no such things as patents back then so anybody could make one without him receiving and profit. His more famous years were after his death. He managed to print many books with his inventing, most common one was the Bible.

The Printing Press ( Johannes Gutenberg )

The printing press was a huge thing to be invented back in the Renaissance time. Due to the low literacy rate, not many read, but after the printing press more and more people wanted to read and they learned how to be literate. So the rate of literacy shot up and is still rising due to printing presses. The printing press allowed the book industry and literacy rate to both sky rocket.
85 Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press

Filippo Brunelleschi ( 1337-1446 )

He was the inventor of the clock. He was one of the most foremost architects and engineers in the Italian Renaissance. He is most commonly known for his work in the construction of the dome on the Florence Cathedral. His main works of art and inventions can be found in Florence, Italy.